The Beginning

The owners Matt & Gemma love coffee, it has been the staple ingredient to their busy lives and their happiest times. 

They were tired of being slaves to the local coffee franchise services and longed for their morning coffee to be as good as, if not better than, the times they had travelled far and wide for a "good coffee."Like most things coffee is subjective. Having been on a journey into the world of Baristaism, it is important to know our view on how we make coffee. To read more about The Coffee Club's Coffee please click here.

The Coffee Blog

Knowledge and continued evolution of learning helps us brew The Coffee Club principals. We do not preach that we know everything, our standards come from our own experiences drinking coffee around the world. From the streets of Milan with the Duomo in the shadows to the garden island 'Tavenui' in Fiji with our own private beach. Almost every Motel in the United States of America. (Can we call that coffee?) to Amsterdam with a "cake" accompaniment. From Sydney, Australia (no not Wallaby Way) to Selby, North Yorkshire.  In airport lounges, hotels, travel stations, drive throughs, stand-alone coffee shops and franchises. Only our accountant knows just how much we have spent on the beloved bean! That does not make us connoisseurs, but we know what we like and we want to share this with you.